Schedule & Results, Fastballfest 2014, 2014 (Mitchell Minor Fastball)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, May 29, 2014
BB17:00 PMMIT A New Hamburg 5-3Mitchell
SQG27:00 PMMIT B Mitchell 12-4Stratford
MITEG37:00 PMMIT C Mitchell #1 0-14Lucan
BG47:00 PMMIT D Fullarton 2-7Mitchell
PWB57:00 PMFULL A Elma 7-3Stratford
MITEG67:00 PMFULL B Mitchell #2 12-10Fullarton
BB78:30 PMMIT A Tavistock 11-10Fullarton
SQG88:30 PMMIT B Exeter # 1 9-3Fullarton
BG98:30 PMMIT D Sebringville 7-14New Hamburg
Friday, May 30, 2014
MITEG105:45 PMMIT C Sebringville 8-0St. Marys
MG116:00 PMMIT A Sebringville 11-7Listowel
PWG126:00 PMMIT B Mitchell 6-15Fullarton
SQB136:00 PMSTRAT 4 Tavistock #2 8-1K-W
SQB146:00 PMSTRAT 5 New Hamburg 6-4Shakespeare
PWB157:00 PMSTRAT 3 Tavistock 12-1Sebringville
BG167:00 PMMIT D Zurich 11-13St. Marys
SQG177:00 PMSEB FRT Goderich 3-16Exeter # 2
PWG187:00 PMSEB BCK St. Marys Blue 2-10Tavistock
MITEG207:00 PMFULL B Wyoming 14-0Mitchell #2
PWB217:00 PMSTRAT 1 Stouffville 3-1Baden
BB227:00 PMSTRAT 2 Mildmay 12-7Haldimand
MITEB237:15 PMMIT C Milverton 14-0Fullarton
PWB197:30 PMFULL A Chatsworth 3-11K-W
MG247:30 PMMIT A Fullarton 8-8Stratford
PWG257:30 PMMIT B Stratford 3-10Exeter
SQB267:30 PMSTRAT 4 Stratford 6-16Tavistock #1
MB277:30 PMSTRAT 5 Mount Forest 1-9Baden
BG288:30 PMMIT D Camlachie 13-8Linwood
PWB298:30 PMSTRAT 1 Shallow Lake 6-1Haldimand
BB308:30 PMSTRAT 2 K-W 21-2Glencoe
BB318:30 PMSTRAT 3 Cambridge 9-2Owen Sound
MG329:00 PMMIT A Zurich 10-2Tavistock
PWG339:00 PMMIT B St. Marys Red 2-5New Hamburg
MB349:00 PMSTRAT 4 Tavistock 8-2Shakespeare
MB359:00 PMSTRAT 5 Teseswater 9-3Fullarton A's
Saturday, May 31, 2014
PWB368:00 AMMIT A New Hamburg 7-6Owen Sound
SQG378:00 AMMIT B Stratford 13-12Camlachie
MITEG388:00 AMMIT C Exeter #2 10-4Mitchell #1
BG398:00 AMMIT D St. Marys 10-2New Hamburg
MG408:00 AMSEB FRT Stratford 9-11Listowel
SQB418:00 AMSEB BCK Chatsworth 15-0Stouffville
BB428:00 AMFULL A Glencoe 11-2Fullarton
MITEG438:00 AMFULL B Exeter #1 8-5St. Marys
MITEB448:00 AMMONK B K-W 0-15Shallow Lake
SQB458:00 AMSTRAT 4 Innerkip 3-0Shallow Lake
MB468:00 AMSTRAT 5 Grand Valley 1-3Port Perry
BB479:30 AMMIT A Cambridge 9-10New Hamburg
SQG489:30 AMMIT B Fullarton 6-14Mitchell
MITEG499:30 AMMIT C Fullarton 6-12Wyoming
BG509:30 AMMIT D Linwood 1-16Mitchell
MG519:30 AMSEB FRT Mitchell 5-12Tavistock
BB529:30 AMFULL A K-W 6-3Tavistock
PWG539:30 AMMONK A New Hamburg 5-12Fullarton
MITEB549:30 AMMONK B New Hamburg 11-4Tavistock
MITEB559:30 AMFULL B Springfield 10-3Stratford
SQB569:30 AMSTRAT 4 Glencoe 0-2Twin Centre
MB579:30 AMSTRAT 5 Shakespeare 2-15Chatsworth
BB5811:00 AMMIT A Port Perry 1-8Haldimand
SQG5911:00 AMMIT B Exeter # 2 13-7Exeter # 1
MITEG6011:00 AMMIT C Lucan 6-8Exeter #2
BG6111:00 AMMIT D Zurich 11-3Sebringville
MG6211:00 AMSEB FRT Fullarton 5-13Sebringville
SQB6311:00 AMSEB BCK Stouffville 1-15K-W
BB6411:00 AMFULL A Twin Centre 10-3Mildmay
MITEG6511:00 AMFULL B Sebringville 3-18Exeter #1
PWG6611:00 AMMONK A Tavistock 13-6Exeter
PWB6711:00 AMSTRAT 1 Baden 9-8Stratford
PWB6811:00 AMSTRAT 2 Owen Sound 1-8K-W
MB6911:00 AMSTRAT 3 Fullarton A's 11-10Tavistock
SQB7011:00 AMSTRAT 4 Shallow Lake 5-3Tavistock #1
MB7111:00 AMSTRAT 5 Baden 6-7Fullarton B's
BB7212:30 PMMIT A Cambridge 9-5Mitchell
SQG7312:30 PMMIT B Camlachie 10-7Goderich
BG7412:30 PMMIT D Camlachie 2-10Fullarton
MG7512:30 PMSEB FRT Tavistock 8-6Zurich
SQB7612:30 PMSEB BCK Chatsworth 2-12Tavistock #2
BB7712:30 PMFULL A K-W 15-0Fullarton
PWG7812:30 PMMONK A St. Marys Red 12-15Mitchell
MITEB7912:30 PMMONK B Tavistock 10-6Fullarton
MITEB8012:30 PMFULL B Stratford 0-2Shallow Lake
PWB8112:30 PMSTRAT 1 Haldimand 21-6Sebringville
PWB8212:30 PMSTRAT 2 Stouffville 19-1Elma
MB8312:30 PMSTRAT 3 Chatsworth 0-11Teseswater
SQB8412:30 PMSTRAT 4 Innerkip 9-2Stratford
MB8512:30 PMSTRAT 5 Port Perry 18-4Mount Forest
MB1002:00 PMSTRAT 5 Fullarton B's 6-16Grand Valley
BB862:00 PMMIT A Owen Sound 4-6New Hamburg
SQG872:00 PMMIT B Exeter # 1 8-4Stratford
MITEG FIN882:00 PMMIT C Wyoming 11-4Exeter #2
BG892:00 PMMIT D Zurich 16-9New Hamburg
MG902:00 PMSEB FRT Fullarton 12-2Listowel
SQB912:00 PMSEB BCK Glencoe 6-5New Hamburg
BB922:00 PMFULL A Glencoe 14-4Tavistock
PWG932:00 PMMONK A St. Marys Blue 3-13Stratford
MITEB942:00 PMMONK B New Hamburg 7-6Milverton
MITEB952:00 PMFULL B Springfield 26-4K-W
PWB962:00 PMSTRAT 1 New Hamburg 4-3Chatsworth
PWB972:00 PMSTRAT 2 Shallow Lake 3-4Tavistock
MB982:00 PMSTRAT 3 Fullarton A's 8-11Shakespeare
SQB992:00 PMSTRAT 4 Twin Centre 0-1Shakespeare
MG1013:30 PMSEB FRT Stratford 6-14Sebringville
BB1023:30 PMMIT A Twin Centre 4-0Haldimand
SQG1033:30 PMMIT B Exeter # 2 2-7Mitchell
MITEG FIN1043:30 PMMIT C Mitchell #2 3-15Lucan
BG1053:30 PMMIT D Camlachie 17-4Mitchell
SQB1063:30 PMSEB BCK Chatsworth 2-3K-W
BB1073:30 PMFULL A Port Perry 5-1Mildmay
MITEG FIN1083:30 PMFULL B Fullarton 1-5Mitchell #1
PWG1093:30 PMMONK A New Hamburg 10-9Mitchell
PWB1103:30 PMSTRAT 1 Baden 1-6Elma
PWB1113:30 PMSTRAT 2 Stouffville 7-0Stratford
MB1123:30 PMSTRAT 3 Teseswater 2-0Tavistock
SQB1133:30 PMSTRAT 4 Innerkip 4-4Tavistock #1
MB1143:30 PMSTRAT 5 Port Perry 1-0Baden
PWG1155:00 PMMIT A St. Marys Red 3-14Fullarton
SQG1165:00 PMMIT B Goderich 7-11Fullarton
MITEB1175:00 PMMIT C Springfield 2-6Shallow Lake
BG1185:00 PMMIT D St. Marys 14-9Sebringville
MG1195:00 PMSEB FRT Mitchell 12-15Zurich
SQB1205:00 PMSEB BCK Stouffville 0-17Tavistock #2
MITEB1215:00 PMMONK B New Hamburg 10-0Fullarton
PWB1225:00 PMSTRAT 1 New Hamburg 1-13K-W
PWB1235:00 PMSTRAT 2 Shallow Lake 17-0Sebringville
SQB1245:00 PMSTRAT 4 Shallow Lake 4-1Stratford
MB1255:00 PMSTRAT 5 Grand Valley 11-1Mount Forest
PWG1266:30 PMMIT A St. Marys Blue 9-6Exeter
SQG1276:30 PMMIT B Camlachie 9-18Mitchell
MITEB1286:30 PMMIT C Stratford 5-4K-W
BG1296:30 PMMIT D Linwood 8-7Fullarton
SQB1306:30 PMSEB BCK Twin Centre 11-3New Hamburg
MITEB1316:30 PMMONK B Tavistock 11-7Milverton
PWB1326:30 PMSTRAT 1 Owen Sound 1-9Chatsworth
PWB1336:30 PMSTRAT 2 Haldimand 0-6Tavistock
SQB1346:30 PMSTRAT 4 Glencoe 6-1Shakespeare
MB1356:30 PMSTRAT 5 Fullarton B's 5-9Chatsworth
PWG1368:00 PMMIT B Tavistock 2-10Stratford
BB1378:00 PMMIT A Owen Sound 8-0Mitchell
BB1388:00 PMMIT D Twin Centre 4-3Port Perry
Sunday, June 1, 2014
BG FIN1398:00 AMMIT A Mitchell 8-3St. Marys
PWG FIN1408:00 AMMIT B Tavistock 12-0Fullarton
MB FIN1418:00 AMFULL A Chatsworth 2-10Teseswater
MITEB FIN1428:00 AMFULL B Springfield 11-14New Hamburg
MITEG FIN1438:00 AMMIT C Mitchell #1 2-10St. Marys
BB FIN1448:00 AMMIT D K-W 13-2New Hamburg
BG FIN1459:30 AMMIT A Zurich 4-10Camlachie
PWG FIN1469:30 AMMIT B New Hamburg 1-13Stratford
MB FIN1479:30 AMFULL A Grand Valley 3-4Port Perry
MITEB FIN1489:30 AMFULL B Tavistock 2-14Shallow Lake
MITEG FIN1499:30 AMMIT C Lucan 10-4Sebringville
BB FIN1509:30 AMMIT D Cambridge 5-7Twin Centre
PWB FIN15111:00 AMMIT A K-W 3-0Stouffville
SQB FIN15211:00 AMMIT B Innerkip 0-6Tavistock #2
SQG15311:00 AMMIT C Fullarton 0-18Mitchell
MG FIN15411:00 AMMIT D Zurich 1-10Sebringville
PWB FIN15512:30 PMMIT A Shallow Lake 11-1Tavistock
SQB FIN15612:30 PMMIT B Shallow Lake 4-5Twin Centre
SQG15712:30 PMMIT C Exeter # 1 19-18Exeter # 2
MG FIN15812:30 PMMIT D Fullarton 4-3Tavistock
BG FIN1592:00 PMMIT A Camlachie 4-10Mitchell
PWG FIN1602:00 PMMIT B Stratford 7-9Tavistock
MITEB FIN1612:00 PMMIT C Shallow Lake 2-3New Hamburg
BB FIN1622:00 PMMIT D Twin Centre 5-0K-W
PWB FIN1633:30 PMMIT A Shallow Lake 1-3K-W
SQB FIN1643:30 PMMIT B Twin Centre 2-4Tavistock #2
MITEG FIN1653:30 PMMIT C Wyoming 5-3Exeter #1
MB FIN1663:30 PMMIT D Port Perry 1-9Teseswater
SQG FIN1675:00 PMMIT C Exeter # 1 9-13Mitchell
MG FIN1685:00 PMMIT D Fullarton 3-12Sebringville
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